Custom Craftworks Tables & Chairs

Athena Table

Premium Table Made in America. Made with premium materials and unmatched craftsmanship.  Made of Eastern Hard Rock Maple.

Starting at $529.00

Simplicity Table

Great starter table for students and home use. Includes carrying case, front arm sling and adjustable face rest and cushion.

Package Price $229.00

Luxor Table - In Stock Now

Luxurious and feature-rich table at an affordable price. Premium 3 inch thick multi layered foam with 3/4 inch of memory foam. Includes deluxe face rest, front arm rest shelf and carry case.

Package Price is $369.00

Melody Massage Chair - In Stock Now

This massage chair offers maximum comfort to both client and practitioner.  

Sets up in seconds and folds for easy transport and storage. Comes with adjustable headrest and travel bag.

Package Price is $229.00

Upholstery Choices

Please call for specific model and color choices